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I'm a graduate from the University of Texas, where I finished my studies in BioMedical Sciences. Before I began my doctoral studies I enacted to reach a longtime dream of mine of exploring the world adventurously while supporting and bringing attention to a worthy cause.

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I departed from my hometown of El Paso Texas USA and reached my destination of End of the World Tierra del Fuego Argentina Ushuaia where the road ended, and then drove back up north to the Amazonas Brazil and headed north to Alaska to meet the ocean once again where the road ended and turned back down to the USA. 500 Days, 80,000+ miles and 22+ countries!

Thanks to my viral film the Modern Motorcycle Diaries- I have now been given the opportunity to continue traveling all over the world by motorcycle, documenting everything in professional productions, pictures, magazines, exhibitions and public speaking at conferences and festivals while continuing to contribute to charity.

Uyuni Salt Flat
In my initial 500 day trip, I sold everything I had: my car, TV, clothes etc. in order to achieve my dream and trip of a lifetime I imagined since I was a little boy, while raising awareness and money for The Children of Uganda. I took jobs guiding others around Latin America by motorcycle, bus and planes to help pay for my journey along the way, along with the kind contributions of my supporters on land and online. This experience inspired me to start my own consulting business to help others in their own motorcycle adventure to Latin America - YourExpeditionSouth.com

In short I drove solo half way around the world, through interstates, highways, dirt roads, no roads, mud, rivers, through hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, rain, hail, sun shine, snow, ice roads you name it and I made it back!

An epic modern motorcycle diaries documented in a whole new and in-depth way never captured before through pictures, stories and video.

I camped at gas stations, parks, couch surfing, hostels, or stayed with anyone who was willing to take me in.

My plan was to experience a once in a lifetime adventure, document everything with my camera (a GoPro monopod I invented) and my blog. I hoped to learn from everywhere I go, everyone I meet, volunteer in each country and provide an interactive and virtual adventure for all my supporters and virtual followers. The experience was so incredibly touching and visceral, I had hoped to share that with those unable to make the journey themselves.

My current project is supporting a worthy cause with this journey, a Modern Motorcycle Diaries, to help the Children of Uganda Africa.
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The day Alex the Adventure Rider was born! (Thanks Dad!)

In the Track My Route section you will find my over all route of this trip along with my route from guided tours I'm completed, and on my home page you will find a live and interactive map of my current location at all times when I'm traveling.

Be sure to check out the Blog Archive for all posts/videos from this trip from the beginning to now!

I had hoped that this journey would full fill a life long dream of my own and will benefit those around me and it did not disappoint and I achieved more than I ever imagined possible and continues to grow each and everyday.


I welcome you to join me in this adventure through this blog with pictures, videos and commentary soon to come. And if your interested in a guided adventure of your own or consultation please, click here