Consulting Services and Tours

If you are interested in experiencing a once in a lifetime motorcycle adventure in Mexico, Central or South America, or all three, with an experienced Bi-lingual guide: like the one documented on this web page, please contact me, I am available for consultations or offer personalized tours to these areas. Or visit my page at

What sets YourExpeditionSouth apart from other tour guide options is that your motorcycle adventure will be personally catered and created to your specifications, needs, financial situation and your time frame. If you’re up for a week ride through Mexico on a shoestring budget, an epic 8 month USA to South America journey, or just a few hours of ideas, preparations or planning, it can all be done!

I also provide advice and information on routes, hazards, necessary equipment, documentation required for border crossings. Also helpful hints and tips and other specific details that could save your life and have you prepared for whatever life and Latin America will throw at you.