Public Speaking

Expedition South is all about sharing the adventure with the world.  

Imagine your next work conference or seminar, same boring stuff every year. Now imagine sitting in your seat and being transported onto the seat of dual sport motorcycle and watch the world unfold before your eyes, detailed stories, amazing images, and more adventure that you can imagine! 

I have traveled the world presenting and speaking about my 500 day Alaska to Argentina motorcycle adventure, its' challenges, triumphs, personal struggles etc. through a series of pictures, videos, presentations and life changing and inspiring stories. My presentations engage and capture an audience from the beginning, allows them to participate, ask questions, and join me in the journey it was to achieve an Epic Adventure of a Lifetime. 

Presenting my Modern Motorcycle Diaries in Slovakia in Europe!

Presentations are usually between 30-90 min depending on the venue. They range from exciting and comical to motivational and surprising. I cater each presentation specific to each request and type venue I'm presenting at. I'm available for presentations and hire for your next event. Please Contact me via email or phone for more details. 

Thanks for your consideration.

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