Next Project - Expedition Africa

Thanks to the overwhelming success of Expedition South, many companies, people, organization, business and fans have reached out and supported this adventure, enough that everyone is excited to know what's next on the list. 

I'm happy to announce the official campaign for South Africa to Europe for Charity, set for September 2014. More details are soon to follow, but for the mean time, if you have enjoyed Expedition South thus far and would like to contribute to more amazing and fantastic videos, blog posts, pictures perhaps living vicariously through Expedition South, please donate and help me share the world with you and those who follow Expedition South. I invite you to donate and learn more about my future Africa Project below. Thanks!


  1. Hi, stumbling across your site now, Africa in September 2013, is this happening? Sounds great, wouldn't mind riding with you if that were possible, even if just for a little bit. Enjoyed some of your expedition south videos, really got me in the mood for riding!!

  2. Hi Alex, great Blog and well done so far on your charity work!
    When you in Cape Town, please pop in by us at Cape Bike Travel (125 Buitengraght Street) if you are needing anything... or just to visit? We will gladly assist you in anyway we can, whether it be tyre changing or advice?
    Regards Adrian


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