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The Viral Video Everyone is talking about! 500 Days of the most amazing Roads in the world!

A quick summary on the most amazing scenery, terrible roads, horrible bridges and weather I encountered in all Latin America in 250 days through 60,000 km of distance.

What happens when you get bored on the road?

What is Couchsurfing is, and how to save money while you travel

Snowboarding for the First time and falling many many times (Very Funny)

A video I made for a Contest sponsored by American Airlines that shows highlights from my journey to South America

Visiting the Biggest Mirror in the World at a flooded Salt Flat

10 minutes of fame on an ABC News Interview 

Crossing the most Remote Immigration Office in the World!

Sand-boarding down an Active Volcano in Nicaragua

Crashing a few times because of awful road conditions

Driving the "World's Most Dangerous Road"

A brief 6 minute summary of the self interviews of the entire journey through the magic of video.


The Next 3 videos are my very first motorcycle trip and video when I was 17 yrs old. I decided to drive a far as I could to unknown lands. It resulted in a Texas to Canada, twice! 

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