Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oct 23th, 2010- $600 on Tourist Visas?

Welcome to today's update. Alex's fun fact of the day, well in this case, Alex's expense for the day he's not too happy about, the expense of $600 towards the purchase and processing of tourist VISA's for several countries I'll be visiting. Sucks to pay your own college and come out broke in the end, and then be crazy and sell your car and everything you own to purchase a motorcycle and finance such a crazy adventure to South America, sucks to be poor, makes me want to go back to school and ask for my money back.....not is priceless.....but sure puts the thought of selling a kidney on the black market in my head.....yeah not really.....well maybe........nah, I like my kidneys.

On a happier note, I welcome everyone to take a look at another page I'm working on

This looks pretty cool, I'll have both these site updated along my trip, each has it's own advantages, so whatever floats your boat or tickles your pickle, I encourage you check it out, and perhaps share the links and become fans. The more people involved the better!

Spread the word with the new facebook share button on the side----->>>>> and on top^^^^^^

So far departure for November is looking good, until then, Arrivederci!

(I leave you with my motivational picture of the week)

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  1. Wow Alex, your my hero haha. Im guessing you already left. Hope you have a great trip and be safe!


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