Thursday, November 18, 2010

Moto-check, maps-check, money-check, courage-check, Lets' Roll!

It seems the day of reckoning has come, as of tomorrow I will be traveling on the road for many months, something that’s replayed in my head over and over again. People have asked me countless times, are you nervous, anxious, excited? I currently view the first few days as a task at hand, drive as fast as I can through the most dangerous city in the world, speed past the cartels, find safe shelter and get away from the havoc that plagues northern Mexico. I finally feel ready, the bike is good to go, and my mind is already in Mexico. I feel nothing at the moment, except courage and the air I breathe. Perhaps when I’m on the road tomorrow morning I will begin to feel the true reality of it all, I will be traveling an entire continent, and will eventually be able to say I traversed the entire Western Hemisphere of planet Earth…..

As my departure gets closer I begin to feel and experience amazing things. I have come to appreciate people more. The last few months I’ve worked with some wonderful young ladies, Alma, Naomi and Cynthia, all fellow physical therapist technicians that have shared countless experiences with me of patients that hear about my travels and like to redundantly point out the dangers and insanity of my trip, over 100 patients let me know of their negative opinions to my travels. I was also amazed at the generosity and kindness some patients showed, I was given food for my departure and even a multi-tool pocket knife to keep me safe, it seems the kindness of strangers is well at work in many different places. These girls have supported my trip and are excited for me, perhaps more than I am for my own trip at this current moment, so I thank them for being so nice and kind to me and for being an outstanding group of ladies I am proud to call my friends.

As my departure nears closer I’ve experienced people as I never thought possible. Friends have extended a helping hand, bid there farewells, cried from anxiousness and concern for me, shown me love and compassion I’ve never felt or seen before (Spaghetti), and my family has gone from complete opposition to acceptance and support to bragging. This dramatic transition in the way these relationships exists warms my heart and makes me smile relentlessly. Life is great and wonderful in so many ways…., something I haven’t said to myself for many years.

I have come to realize that one of the things that bring me most joy and endless smiles to my face is the feeling I get when I speak of my travels and trip and the experiences from them. I am doing what makes me most happy and it’s wonderful! Not only following my dreams but having the courage and drive to live them.
As I continue to see friends receiving new cars from their parents, people in expensive cars, big houses I come to realize that I’m most happy surviving on scraps and what I provide to myself on my own, just like this trip. It makes you more appreciative of what you have, and your happiness depends on your imagination and own work and what you do rather than the income and material posesions you own or pay for. A couch you bargain for cheaply is more satisfying than one at full price Moneys comes and goes but adventures and experiences are forever. I do not regret selling all my possessions and junk to fund this trip, everything material degrades and goes but this adventure will be with me until the end of my life and that is priceless.

Well, enough philosophy, since my last update, I have official received my new friend Brett Marshal from Bermuda; yes I know we all think the Bermuda triangle and such, apparently the Mexican Aduana didn’t think that was too funny when they didn’t realize Bermuda is a country. I met Brett when I posted an ad/created a thread on an adventure motorcycle web site. Check out his own blog  We’ve been talking for the past few months through email and have since decided to travel together through Mexico, up until December when he must return to Miami Florida to spend Christmas and the holidays with his kids. As much of a lone wolf as I may be, I’m glad to have Brett along, he’s funny and great to talk to, safety in numbers is also a benefit. Plus he’s 6”7, has a BMW 1200GS motorcycle, and looks pretty intimidating, that combined with me at 6”2, with heavy facial hair, and with a black tank looking kind of a motorcycle I created, we are a force to be reckoned with or perhaps we will look so touristy that any problematic people will leave us alone.

I have also taken the liberty to toning down the red color on my bike to allow me not to stand out too much. I believe it now looks like a tank, hopefully scary enough not to mess with.

Tomorrow we are off to Copper Canyon Mexico, a canyon bigger and deeper than the Grand Canyon and perhaps more beautiful. Until next time, adios amigos!

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