Thursday, December 16, 2010

Volcano Boarding, Leon Nicaragua


Today is a beautiful Tuesday morning, and I’m headed out to Cerro Negro, Volcano, one that I saw on my way into the city of Leon on my way in yesterday from the road.

Surfing down the side of an active volcano was my activity for the day, something I’ve looked forward to doing this entire trip. Who can really say that, not many people.

We took a nice long hike to the top of the active volcano, and saw some beautiful stuff on the way.

I had the opportunity to meet some interesting people, a couple from England that is taking a year off to travel the world, a nice German couple and a young man from San Francisco USA. All a fantastic group of people, we shared travel stories and recommendations for stuff to see and do around Leon and elsewhere. As you can see we got along very well.

I’m putting up these pictures for them to copy and have for themselves and I took their pictures and told them to visit my page so they can get them from me. So here you go guys, it was a pleasure surfing with you! And I wish you all luck in your travels!

We even got our tour guide to take one of these jumping pictures

So I know your all wondering, why am I not wearing one of those silly looking green  jump suits? Well because I didn’t want to, I’m tuff I can take a little volcanic rock to the face.

And the gloves, well, I would have liked those, but I accidentally left them in the van. Fantastic right?

So I must say, that this surfing is definitely worth it, and am super happy I got a chance to do this and highly recommend it to anyone else. Truly a unique experience

Here’s some awesome video. Quite the challenge to film and keep your balance at the same time.

And yes I would have probably had a much easier time if I had both hands free to balance myself rather than trying to film myself like a crazy man, but how much fun would it be to just read about it and not see it for yourself right?

Tomorrow I head to Managua, for a wedding of a family member, interesting, yes I know. Just another story. I think this wedding is going to be amazing.

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  1. surfing, intense!!! lol good times all around my friend :)


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