Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Argentina - Perrito Moreno Glacier, El Calafate, glacier breaking caught on video!

Perrito Moreno Glacier

Today I visited the Perrito Moreno Glacier.

Calvin gassing up

The road there was great.

Even saw a pretty cool car on the way.

On the way we met a young guy by the name of Toby from Germany that had been hitch hiking for a few weeks from Buenos Aires, and let me tell you that he sure smelled like it.

He was a nice guy; we all hung out and walked through the park together.

This glacier is huge and very impressive.

My hair is getting awfully crazy I"m starting to see

The most amazing thing about this place to me is he noise and sounds that the cracking ice makes as it shifts and huge pieces break off and go falling into the water.

Apparently the dark blue ice is more than 10,000 years old

Some free wallpaper for everyone

Ran into a group of photographers on a work shop. It was impressive to see the vast amount and quantity of expensive equipment they were all carrying around. But for the price of the two week workshop, one could travel on a motorcycle through South America for two months.

I got my “free” workshop by following close to the group, blending in pretending I didn’t understand English just hanging around.

I was lucky enough to catch a bit of a breaking and falling part of the glacier. Our German companion Toby was unfortunate to have some technical issues with his camera as you’ll be able to hear on the video.

It was incredibly majestic to just stand there and hear the ice cracking and falling before my eyes. One of the most memorable things on this trip so far.

So back into own we went.

Passed by the little stuff this place had.

yeah, pretty far away from anything

Passed by some artesian and their art.

Saw a great shirt

Definitely Cold!

Bought some food at the tourist supermarket and called it a night.

Little did I know the next day would be the worst day of my trip.

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