Saturday, April 9, 2011

Don’t tell my mom the motorcycle blew up in the middle of Patagonia and now I"m stranded with no food....

The next day I woke up bright and early.

It was freezing outside as you can see by my clothes.

I decided to sit by the closed gas station and wait for people to come by to ask them for a ride, I was looking specifically for a truck that could carry the bike 200 miles to Rio Gallegos.

The loneliest road in Argentina

The police had no phone service, just a two way radio to a station 100 miles away, that had to call another police station another 100 miles away to which they were the only ones that had communication to the main base.

So I called them to ask how much a tow truck would be. They got in contact back with me after 6 hours and let me know it would be $500 dollars or more but that it had to be a life threatening emergency and I had to wait 4 days for it, and that all public services including the police were unavailable and on vacation so there would be no one on the road for the next 4 to 5 days.

I couldn’t believe it that was definitely not in my budget, it was so far out of the way of anywhere that my bike was and it was the holiday weekend, so they knew they could kill me on the transportation costs.

So I said no thanks, I’ll try my luck at finding a truck to help me out.

So from 9am to 7 pm I stood outside the gas station, there was a car that passed by and truck, but neither could help, as they were all going the opposite direction as well it didn’t’ look like they wanted to help anyway.

So day 2- stranded and nothing, I was tired and exhausted from standing the entire day in the cold freezing wind. I had little or no food and that didn’t help. But the police guy was nice again and gave me some dinner when I went back to sleep at the building, crackers and jelly,apparently he was also out of food and the next shipment of food along with his exchange partner was more than a week away. It did however compliment very well with the jail cell I had for a room.

Day 3, once again I stood outside and hopped someone would help me out. The one lonely man that lived at the gas station had no phone, had no family, he was just attending a pump that nobody used and he never left, he just had a shed and bed, living there all by himself, so he was no help

My patented homeless cardboard sign didn't seem to help much as the two cars that wizzed by didn't even look at me.

No luck at mid day. Seeing there was absolutely nothing around the police guy had to find his own food as well, seeing there was lots sheep around, he went ahead and killed one for food and invited me for lunch. I was out of food, so how could I say no.

The rest of the day was pointless, nothing happened, no luck again. I did however improve my rock throwing skills and juggling act.

Being bored, stilling on the side of the road with no one to talk to or anything to do after 3 days starts messing with you. I did go through some spiritual enlightenment though, had lots of time to think about my life, this trip, what it means the amazing things I’m seen and done etc.

Just sitting there for so long with nothing happening, after driving 4 months and everyday being amazing with something happening, just sitting there doing nothing and unable to do anything was killing me!

As soon as I went back into the building, no sooner did a tow truck pass by! I couldn’t believe it! 9 hours standing outside again and the one possible vehicle to help me just passed by just 2 minutes from leaving my spot on the road! I don’t usually get angry, and this was no special occasion, I just laughed the entire night at my luck and realized the ridiculous story I would have for the blog.

I laughed myself to sleep.

No food, just water, bored, sad, and another day of sitting 10 hours in the freezing cold with nobody around. 

Better luck tomorrow I hope.

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  1. hey man good luck from your buddy duckie...i think wat your doing is amazing. get back home safe and enjoy your voyages.


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