Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kawasaki International to the rescue!

Today I took the busted up motorcycle to the Kawasaki dealership to have it checked out.

The only mechanic that was there didn’t quite know what to tell me and seemed a little confused and the other mechanic was out for the day. So I went around town looking for a good mechanic to check it out and tell me their opinion on the situation.

As I drove around the sounds became worse and hoped the engine would hold on long enough to make it.

I found a guy that looked like he knew what he was doing. So together we opened up the bike to see what had happened, and think of every possibility to the issue.

Again I was given some confusing opinions that were babble because I now have a very good understanding about my engine and he was just talking nonsense and I was getting pretty pissed off he was going to charged me to be told absolutely nothing new I didn’t already know.

At this point in time I had completely given up on the bike. I even went around to other mechanics trying to sell it. I even went up to random people on the street and tried to sell it to them because I was so frustrated with everyone and everything at the moment.

So after some lunch and some calming sugar in my system I decided to go back to the dealership the following morning.

To make a long story short. Because there were defects and something had gone wrong internally with the engine two times, I got Kawasaki International, my sponsor, that donated some help to the purchase of this bike when I bought it, involved in this now international affair.

At first it seemed nobody wanted to help me, not even the local dealer, they were all out to get money out of me, thinking I was a rich America or Brazilian out on a joy ride for myself. Little did they know I am an unemployed student traveling, camping around the continent to help raise money and awareness for an Organization that helps the less fortunate children of this world.

Many calls and emails later they finally stepped in to help me out. They sympathized at my being stranded in the Patagonia for 4 days and taking 2 weeks to previously repair the bike and now more issues here in Buenos Aires. So they negotiated and worked with the Kawasaki n Buenos Aires to take a look at it, order the parts and get it fixed at no cost to me.

It took a lot of work to makes this happen, 3 days of talking and negotiating but I wanted to Thank Russell at Kawasaki USA for helping me out and allowing me to continue this worth wild journey for the Children at Los Ojos de Dios. I send you my many thanks in allowing me to continue my mission for the kids.

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  1. Goodness man... what's up with that KLR of yours? Now you see why I chose a BMW :)


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