Friday, May 27, 2011

Thank you Matias and Russell at Kawasaki! The bike is finally ready to go to Iguazu!

Today I finally picked up my motorcycle from Kawasaki Mondial in Buenos Aires.

I must say that they did a fantastic job with it. They even washed it and it looked just like new.

After riding for 5 months and not washing the bike a single time, I’m sure they had a heck of a time cleaning it all up.

So I wanted to thank Mario and Matias for all their help with getting all the paperwork done with Kawasaki International and fixing up the bike at no cost to me. Again thanks to Russell Brenan at Kawasaki USA as well for making this happen.  This adventure to support the children at Los Ojos de Dios can continue because of everyone’s efforts at Kawasaki and I thank you!

So as I got on the bike I could immediately hear the difference of this brand new motor.

As I pulled away from the dealership it felt just like new. I was completely amazed and it felt as if I had just pulled away from the dealership back in Texas with my brand new KLR and now I truly was again here in Argentina!

Got the bike, got the spirit, got the determination, now its time to finish this amazing journey, Brazil here I come!

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