Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rio de Janeiro Brazil – Christ the Redeemer, Beautiful Women, Gorgeous Beaches. What more do you want!?

So today I arrived in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

The long bus ride was quite difficult. I truly miss the motorcycle now.

So now in the amazing city of Rio and a true language challenge. With Portuguese there some topics the where Spanish gets you by quite nicely but other topics of conversation are difficult if not impossible.

As I get off at the bus station, pick up my bags, I step outside to find a bus to a hostel.

There were so many buses it wasn’t even funny, trying to ask which bus went where was difficult and frustrating.

Finally after some crazy communication, I got the right bus and found my way to the hostel.

I must say that the first thing I noticed about Rio is that there are a lot of beautiful people here. I think it compares if not exceeds Miami Florida in the vast “AMOUNT” of good looking people.

As I walked along the beach finding my way I started to see why.

Every 400 to 500 meters or so there were these awesome gym stations along the beach walkway.

I must have counted over 20 or so, it was a vast quantity.

And I will confirm all speculations about the women here in Rio. They are quite gorgeous looking I must say.
In my opinion-Rio has the most good looking women I’ve seen on this trip. Perhaps not the most beautiful but the most in a quantitative stand point as in the sheer amount walking around. Everywhere I look and walk it never ends!

After I got settled in went off to the most famous site in all of Rio, Christ the Redeemer.

This world famous monument is the icon of Rio, and it sure felt like it.

There were so many people it was nuts, and pretty darn expensive. $37 reals for a tram up and down. Divide $37 by 1.6 for US dollar conversion. I hope to promote some mathematical skills and knowledge with this blog so have at it!

On the way up some guys jumped on the tram and started to play some nice Brazilian music.

Once at the top it was quite busy with lots of people.

Getting a picture was a frantic ordeal with many attempts to capture an image without other random and strange people around you.

There were lots of helicopters flying above the crowds doing tours. Makes me wish I had money to do that. 

Could see the world's 2nd largest soccer stadium called Maracana.

Its currently being remodeled for the 2014 World Cup here in Rio so I couldn't take a tour.

There was also a small church at the base of the statue.

Getting towards the end of my funds is limiting my spending in weird an awkward ways.

For example I find myself eating less to save money. My electric shaver recently broke and I don’t plan on buying another, so my beard will continue to grow until I get home. And finally I find myself suffering no going to the bathroom because I don’t want to pay the money to use public toilets. Yes, crazy, but a penny saved is a penny earned, and I have two kidneys, so if one blows I have a back up!

So after an adventurous day I went back to the hostel.

I happened to meet some swell girls from Denmark and one from Greenland.

We had arrived at the same time and decided to check out the town together the following day.

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