Wednesday, August 17, 2011

After 250 days, 60,000km, 19 Countries welcome back home to El Paso TX USA~!

So today I am on my way back to my home town of El Paso Texas from Bogota Colombia by airplane after letting go of the motorcycle.

After traveling more than 60,000 KM, 245+ days, through 19 countries on my motorcycle, I am happy to report that my efforts to raise money for my charity of Los Ojos de Dios has been extremely successful thanks to all my followers, fans, and especially my sponsors for donating to this foundation!

My many thanks to all the 23,000 people who have supported this journey and for helping the children of Cd. Juarez and making this project more successful than I ever imagined thanks to your efforts

Freezing in the Patagonia, crashing in Bolivia and various International interviews along the way was definitely worth the effort and suffering to capture the hearts of people who helped complete this dream of spreading the word of this cause on a vast international effort and especially at a local level in the city of El Paso and Cd. Juarez

It seems surreal now that after the most amazing adventure of my life, I am now headed back to my home town of El Paso, where just 8 months ago I departed on this Epic journey. It is sad but I have a huge smile on my face knowing what I accomplished and how it helped the children.

Seeing it’s the end of this journey I enacted to compile a list of the most interesting, cool, dangerous, sad, and amazing things this journey gave me. Click here or go to my "Highlights/Summary" tab up above.

Also for your entertainment I have compiled an awesome video of the all the crazy roads, scenery and experiences from 250 of travel in 6 minutes. Enjoy!

Also a highlights of all the self interviews I did

Thanks to everyone, I still have one more post to put up upon my arrival so stay tuned!

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  1. You said it all. "Trip of a live time"
    Read all your post and probably make the same trip in a few months!


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