Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Alaska here I come! 4 TV interviews, 2 Newspapers, Los Ojos Charity Fundraising, Google street View Van sighting!

So back in El Paso Texas

So what do I do after a long exhausting flight carrying my entire life in a backpack after traveling 19 countries?

What I do is head out the door to go with some other volunteers to the streets of El Paso, to collect money for the Organization Los Ojos de Dios, the charity this adventure has helped contribute to all these months.

I went alongside with Valeria, my Liaison to the foundation and initial motivator to help the kids, who took this awesome picture of me holding a sign.

Without Valeria I would have never known of such a worthy cause like the children at Los Ojos de Dios. 

Gracias Valeria!

It was nice to see everyone chip in and help out the kids. I’m glad I could do my part in my own way.

In the time here in El Paso I still feel like I’m on my trip, just stopping by for a bit. In the time being I got myself my next bike.

All I have money left for was to get myself a vehicle so I could move myself around town with and this will be my vehicle of choice for a long time to come ahead of me.

It’s just like my old bike but a little different

Even got some free welding to the side stand to make it a bit bigger when I told the guys about my journey

I decked it out with all the cheap stickers I got in Colombia.

And of course the 19 countries I visited.

This thing is ready for another adventure!

I literally built the bike I wish I would have had on my trip to South America. I learned so many things to do and not to do and this was the optimal configuration I could think of after many months of research and learned experienced. If anyone is thinking of doing this trip I have an entire list of all the things I did to the bike and the gear I have to help those people out who have an urge to do this as well, just email me and I’ll send it to you.

So upon my return its seems someone had alerted the media of my expedition and the worthy cause. I got plenty of phone calls for interviews.

First was the University of Texas newspaper called the Prospector

Next was the local TV station of KFOX 14

Followed by a lengthy segment on ABC 7 news

It was interesting to have so much attention. It seems I finally felt what it feels like to be famous, 10 minutes of fame, how nice you are, but an annoyance it can become. I’m glad my shelf life of being interesting in the media is short and sweet; I don’t think I could do the whole being famous thing.

Check out the broadcast here http://www.kvia.com/video/29018644/index.html

Regardless, things to do in life are famous for a bit, check!

I also completed a life dream while in El Paso, I finally saw and tracked down the google street view car that drives around taking all the pictures.

What are the odds!?

I of course followed the guy making funny faces and doing funny things while he was driving in hopes of it appearing on the google street view at some point in time, which I'll put up when they upload them.

My time in El Paso has been fun to say the least. Got a chance to see familiar faces, friends, family you name it.

The family even threw a small party for me to showcase the adventure. I put up some videos from the party in the VIDEO section of this web page for your entertainment.

While engineering my bike the family decided on a little vacation to Las Vegas Nevada.

And seeing that my family thinks I just love driving, guess who drove there? Yes, lucky me, as if driving 60,000 km wasn’t enough, what’s another 23 hours and 1800 miles right?

It was a fun time

I won some toy helicopters at Circus Circus carnival hotel and casino and sold them for a few hundred bucks, so my trip actually became a profitable one.

Returning back home again I kept feeling that I was still just visiting the city, heck I visited Argentina for almost 2 months, and I’ve barely been back a less than three weeks.

Now because of all the media coverage I received from my journey and its cause and the extreme success this trip has done for the charity, and the few hundred bucks left over from buying a used motorcycle, I have decided to extend this journey into the last frontier, Alaska!

It will be difficult, my money shortage will mean no hotels, no hostel, one change of tires, a few oil and filter changes, eating canned beans and bread and camping everywhere I go. That will use up all the money, but I believe I can do it, and I shall try, why you ask? Well because I’ve realized I am one crazy determined man, that’s why.

I hope to bring a little more attention and money to the charity while conquering the world at the same time.

So preparations for Alaska are underway! Wish me luck! I’m going to need it!

p.s. if you would like to help Alex reach Alaska, please feel free to donate, there’s a nice little button on the bottom right of this page to help out, you can consider it food money or aka survival Twinkies and cookie money if you’d like. 


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