Friday, July 20, 2012

Rest in Peace David Wermuth 1961-2012 - and more travel in South America for free.

Thanks to everyone who has been keeping up with the adventure, I know I have been out of contact for a bit but there have been some exciting, interesting and sad developments.

First off i will be editing and publishing the remaining videos of the motorcycle adventure soon in the coming weeks. To sum it up, i sold the bike in Paraguay. I appreciate your patience. Second, upon my arrival to the USA i was notified that i was the winner of an world wide international photography contest sponsored by American Airlines! The prize is an all expenses paid trip to South America for two... Lucky me huh?! I get to visit a foreign land..... Oh wait never mind, because i have become a professional tour guide now, I decided to bring along my number one fan... My mom! So we will be traveling South America for a month in style! No more $3 dollar hostels, or tuna and ramen for me! ( at least for the next month) stay tunned for that video as well.) i am currently on that trip as i type this. You can follow me at

Third is some sad news, my friend and traveling buddy David from my second trip through Latin America is no longer with us. He decided to take his own life this past week in his Arizona home, he left no note. He leaves behind his children and family, my thoughts are with them in this difficult time. david will forever live in my heart, he will always be a big part of my adventure, and he will forever be remembered, not only in the minds of the people he touched, be he will permanently be a part of this web page, where his pictures and video will always be available for others to share. I will do my upmost to keep this web page and history of his life and mine and the time i spent with david living on the internet forever(or as time, money of other influences will permit) so that his friends and family can always see him at some of his happiest, most adventurous and striving moments, through the magic of video

 Rest in Peace amigo.....

 David Wermuth 1961-2012

David Wermuth 1961-2012