Thursday, September 27, 2012

Expedition South makes it to Deadhorse Alaska! End of the Pan American

75,000 miles+/120.700 Km+, 51 border crossings, 20 countries, 3 contients, 3 different motorcycles in 500+days!! Arctic conditions, boiling desert heat, hurricane evacuations, hitchhiking, food illness, corrupt police and borders, crossing flooded rivers/lakes/oceans, bribes, dehydration, starvation, frost bite, hospitals, physical exhaustion, end of the Pan American at the Arctic Ocean, through the most amazing scenery and places on earth, meeting the most amazing people in all the land, the most spontaneous, enlightening and epic adventure of my life! Thanks to everyone I met, those who helped along the way and those who supported me from so far away. Gracias, thanks, obrigado!

A quick look back at the journey to get here


  1. Amazing pictures Alex! I've been watching all your videos and they are so inspiring. I'm in Costa Rica right now. Visited the hanging bridges yesterday. When I get back stateside I'm goin to start planning my own motorcycle adventure. Your an inspiration man! Hope to see a new video soon!

  2. Wow dude. That is one cool trip you have going on there. I gotta do that. How's it work with all the visas and stuff? Can you just ride through?

  3. Hello here in finland. Awesome videos and pics. Now i must go to mc adventure soon again :) Not so far away what you did. respect to you!


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