Friday, May 13, 2011

Buenos Aires - Addicted to Tango, Recoleta Cemetery, Being part of a massive demonstration and protest

So remember my favorite friends from Guatemala, Honduras, found them standing in line at immigration in Ecuador, and now we meet up in Buenos Aires! Life is funny.

We chatted about the last few months, since Alan broke his shoulder when we departed from Ecuador together, they didn’t get a chance to go to Ushuaia, but they said they will be back.

I was relieved to see he was doing better and their spirits were up. Sadly they would be going home in a few days.

They were staying at Dakar motos, the famous moto place around here.

Sleeping arrangements were not the best, but pass in accordance to adventure rider’s standards.

I also saw a guy I met in Ushuaia at a hostel there at the same time. Small world!

We darted ways again and would meet up later for a tango show.

I was also given a quote by Dakar for air shipping on the bike, $1700 US. Yeah, I don't even have anything close to that, so gotta look for more options.

Hit the city once again.

Went to the Recoleta cemetery.

It was vast and impressive.

I usually don’t take to art, but this was the first time in my life that I appreciated all the structures and work that went into making this burial ground, and the impressive labyrinth its makes.

Obviously to get a space to be buried here, you have to belong to a family that already has one of these properties in the family.

As I walked by I saw really nice and elaborate tombs.

Made me think of my own burial and what I would like. Definitely not this. Too much glamour.

Just burn me and make me compost to feeds some plants, seems like a more beneficial idea rather than taking up space and decaying slowly in a wooden box, but hey whatever floats your boat, as long as you’re not out there mass murdering people, then it’s all good right?

There were so many tombs and they were all unique and different, hundreds upon hundreds of them.

I could have taken a thousand of pictures here of each one…obviously I didn’t. But I did take quite a vast amount.

But I hope I was able to convey the craziness and gloomy beauty this place holds.

Saw some funky art on the way back.

Continued to see the European architecture around.

More statues

Even passed by China town.

This statue was neat, had a ball inside the mouth of the creature, confuses you and makes you think how that got in there.

I think I’m addicted to going to bars now…..

Pizza bars that is!

They are awesome, you can order by the slice. And they have slices of pizza that are as thick as hamburgers and are a complete meal in itself!

I follow my pizza bar visits by an empanada bar visit for dessert.

I love this place!

Walked around town some more.

Passed by the craziest dog park ever

Saw Congress.

Around Congress

A museum with old stuff.

Had the original book of the Argentinean Constitution

And a picture that looked exactly like something I drove through in Peru---Déjà vu!


The center where there's 14 lanes of traffic!

Some hippie camp out demonstration

And even decided to join a protest for higher wages!

It was crazy; being part of a mass mob was fun.

For the first time on this trip I was interview for reason other than being a crazy guy on a motorcycle.

I was part of the movement to fight for higher wages and raise the standard of living for the Argentinean people.. And I made sure our voice was heard!

The government must hear our voices! Fight the Power!

Stopping 14 lane traffic right in the middle of rush hour and at the heart of the city.

Fireworks being shot off.

And joining thousands of others in what I can only describe as an immense demonstrative of massive proportions.

I continued my walking tour.

I had now walked over 30 city blocks and was strolling enjoying the city for what it really was.

Had a reminder of how much I miss soccer. I never realized what an important part of my life it is until I was away from it for so long.

Decided to try the subway during rush hour just for fun.

Umm no... I"m not a tourist, now stop looking at me

It was a very close personal encounter. Not as bad as the rush hour subway madness I experienced in Taiwan, but still chaotic.

And I obviously targeted myself as a tourist when I took this picture.

So I'm also addicted to going to clubs now...

Tango clubs that is! I decided to try to Tango

It was not as difficult as I had previously thought. I should have joined the intermediates instead of the beginners. The Latin groove runs through my veins so there’s some natural dancing and rhythm ability already encoded in the genes.

There was even a tango competition that night where the winner would receive 3,000 Usd for first place.

So things to do in life, learn to Tango....check!

The following day, I had so much fun at Tango the night before I went again, I think I have an addiction, a Tango addiction.

They had a small show before the start.

After the class they had the most amazing live tango band I’ve ever heard, it was amazing!


  1. Hi. This was a great post, I especially loved the tango music! I was going to go live in Argentina for six months as part of a volunteer program that places people into human rights organizations over there but I had to cancel that trip. Have you thought of maybe a fundraiser to get your bike home? I'm sure the people who have been following your amazing adventure would be willing to contribute, like me I'm sure people have been living vicariously through your blog! Also, I'm starting a company from scratch and have been doing plenty of networking lately and could maybe mobilize something for you... Let me know if you need any help! Although, I would just stay in Argentina & drink delicious wines & dance tango :) Good luck!

  2. Stephanie, Thank you for your wonderful comment. I'm sorry you couldn't make it to Argentina and am glad I can fill a small part of that trip with my blog. I appreciate your help, the motorcycle has been taken care of for the moment, that was very nice of you, keep posted to see what happens. Continue enjoying the adventure!

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