Sunday, May 15, 2011

Funny things people search on Google that sends them to my blog

So welcome to round two for the hilarious, interesting and funny stuff people put in Google search that for some reason sends them my web page. I always get a good laugh when I read the reports of how people get to the site, I hope you do too.

It’s funny and interesting as some of these have nothing to do with my page, others just have a random word or two similar and others are spot on.

 So without further delay here we go: Top Google searches:

Best motorcycles for traveling central and South America
Dancing man in South America
Peruvian call girls
Managua girls
Panama girls
Wal-Mart San Pedro Sula
Bringing bullet proof vest into South America
Motorcycle diaries funniest part
Drawing of los Ojos de Dios
Captain Jack Portobelo Drunk
Laguna Verde without Bolivian Visa
Chacon moto
Rambo drawing
Creepy person
Dead bunny
Dancing Guinea pig
America caca
Longest poop
Pichuu egg
No clothing
Hanging by a rope
Freaky shoes
Crazy Mexican
Dead bunny
Jurassic beauties
Crazy parking
No clothing
Mexican driving
Broken Motorcycle
Chicks on motorcycles
Propane powered motorcycle
Cray shaman
Motorcycle blog
Modern Motorcycle Diaries
Expedition South

That concludes the good laugh I hope. Chau!

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