Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jumping on the first bus I see to get lost and explore the city in a whole new way, Tango Friends, San Telmo Antiques Fair, Super Mall—Buenos Freakin Aires Argentina!

So two and a half weeks in Buenos Aires, and I think I’m officially ready to move on. Too much time in one place is not my kind of thing. But it has been quite wonderful to finally get a chance to experience a place for more than just a day or two.

So what have I been doing for the past week you may ask, well where do I begin!

First I’ve continued going to Tango lessons, I’m happy to report that it’s going great, finally got the hang of it and am enjoying dancing for the first time in my life.

I even made some friends!

This is Anna and Gabriel; we’ve been going to the same lessons and places together to learn Tango.

We go to the Catedral

And we go to the Armenian Cultural center (lots of people) and the Cathedral Club(less people) for our Tango lessons.

At both places they typically have shows of live music after the lessons.

Like this folklore band and dancing at Catedral

After being alone for 6 months, it’s nice to see familiar faces.

Anna is a consultant from Germany and Gabriel is a professional couch surfer from Italy. Well at least that’s what it seems like, but he’s actually taking a leave of absence from his job in London to travel a bit. Anna used to live in Boston and we have all been having a great time on our Tango binge.

Because everything starts so late in Buenos Aires, I’ve been Partying aka-Tango dancing like a crazy man through the wee hours of the morning. Lessons start at 7pm and another at 10 pm, then there’s music until 3 am. So for the past 5 days it’s been nothing but Tango from 6pm to 3 am, I’ve never stayed out so late for such a long duration of time in my life.

I finally understand and see how some people like to go out, drink and party every night of the week, I seem to have finally found my own niche and environment for doing that, a fun non drinking, productive, physical exercise of learning and meeting people from all over the world as mostly foreigners go this place, so Tango dancing and clubbing is my current passion.

I have also roamed around the streets some more. I finally got the hang of using the public transportation around Buenos Aires. I recommend picking up one of these Guia “T”, books that has everything you’ll need with trains, subways and buses. Having the bike in the shop and no money to pay for taxis, I must be resourceful with public transportation.

Can be quite confusing

I also continue to take my daily pizza bar visit.

As you can tell from this adventure of mine, I have no fear, am extremely adventurous and will find entertainment in almost anything, even being stranded for 4 days in the middle of the Patagonia. And Buenos Aires is no different for me.

Because of this special personality of mine, I decided to seek adventure in a moment of spontaneity. So I hopped on the firs bus I saw and let it take me where ever it was going. Yup that’s right I purposely jumped on a bus to which I had no idea where it was going, just to get randomly lost in the huge city of Buenos Aires, I have issues I know.

So I rode the bus for an hour until it reached its final destination.

Ran into a Botanical garden.

Some funky statues

I quite liked this one though, hit close to the heart...

Very beautiful stuff and relaxing place right the middle of the city.

Even saw my favorite types of plants, carnivorous ones

On my, getting lost on purpose tour, I ran by a large book fair. Lots of books to say the least.

Saw a party bus

Even debated about going to the zoo, but I wasn’t too excited on spending so much money on a ticket to see a few giraffes, I can’t remember the price exactly but it was pretty pricey.

The following day I went to visit the famous San Telmo antiques fair that happens only on Sundays.

It was pretty packed.

Lots of random crap. 

Reminded me of my driving through the state of Maine in the USA, where every few mile I saw an antiques store, full of useless and expensive stuff…. Oh sorry, I mean full of outdated and useless stuff….oh man sorry, that didn’t sound too good either, let’s try again, full of stuff you’ll never use and just sit there in your home looking old and pretty…. Not the best description, but it will do. I don’t need any more angry emails from people saying they didn’t like what I said about someone or something, which has recently happened.

Everyone was taking pictures of this place...so i did too

Anyway, the best thing about this fear was this badass t shirt.

My dad already has a shirt that says, “Canada kicks ass”, and thought this one would go well with it, but I can’t carry any more stuff on the motorcycle. So here you go dad! My gift of a picture of a shirt I would have gotten for you if I could!

Even some Tango dancing on the street.

Saw a cool antique motorcycle...

A church

A funky yet eye catching statue

A painter that took an hour to start painting.

Got nice sunset in down town.

And a chance to see the Pink House lit up.

Headed back home on the subway. The cart was quite nice inside I must admit.

The next day I passed by this huge mall.

It was like an adventure park, carnival, and shopping center all at once.

Saw something funky at this McDonalds... Kosher huh?

There were even carnival games,

A roller coaster

Ferris wheel and much more. Makes me wish I was a kid again.

A few hours later, I decided to hit up my favorite concert scene at La Bomba with those awesome percussionists.

Addicted to percussion shows and Tango dancing….I’m slowly becoming Argentinean. Watch out Che!

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