Wednesday, May 18, 2011

San Lorenzo Soccer Match, Apartment-surfing - Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires… again another post on this city, how boring I know.

So it seems I have a lot of posts about Buenos Aires, I guess that’s what happens when your stranded here, but let me tell you it’s much more eventful to be stranded here than it is to be stranded in the Patagonia where there is not much to do except kick rocks at a road sign.

So recently I was staying at Gabriel’s apartment, but they had to renovate it so we were both kicked out, he went to stay with his mom and I was passed down along the family line to my friend Alex’s brother, Sergio.

So I’ve gotten a chance to meet most of the family now and am quite happy about that, they are all awesome and a real pleasure to meet.

The Trachter family is amazing, they even lent me an extra cell phone for me to use during my stay here.

Needless to say it’s come very handy when negotiating cargo shipment quotes and trying to sell my motorcycle, lots of people like to call and inquire about it.

Sergio’s apartment is nice and cute.

My room

The sweet view from inside

Carrying all my stuff from the bike, without the bike from Gabriel’s apartment to Sergio’s, was heavy and a pain in the ass, but I managed.

Sergio is a classy cool guy that talks exactly like his brother, in fact I have problems distinguishing their voices, same tone and Argentinean accent. If you put them in the same room together and shut the door, it would be difficult to tell them apart.

He was a San Lorenzo soccer team fan, so we decided to go watch a game together along with his friend Ricardo.

For the advent readers you’ll remember my Honduras Soccer game post full of riots and disobedience, let’s see how this one plays out.

The stadium was nice and big.

We arrived early in this quite poor neighborhood where the stadium was located to hang out with the people.

To give you an idea of the surrounding area. A kilo of oranges costs a mere 75 cents, that’s like 15 or so oranges. Other areas of Buenos Aires cost up to 4 times as much, so I got a chance to see the other side of the real people of Buenos Aires.

We joined in some music playing before the game. 

It was an hour before kickoff and these fans were already rockin!

Sergio to the right, Ricardo to the left, and some random guy in the middle

I’ll save the boring explanations and just put up videos of the game, chants, celebrations etc.

Because the Argentinean thing to do is drink matte and smoke, half time was designated, everybody get out your cigarettes and smoke break. It was a tough match to sit through with all smoke and the nervous smokers lighting up every 5 mintues.

Stadium peanuts here are covered with caramelized sugar and cost $2.50 for 3 of these little packets.

There was this shirt I was curious about.

Apparently the San Lorenzo team was kicked out a while back from their old stadium because of some land dispute and paid off government official, and now they were trying to get back their home territory where the team was founded upon.

Sergio wanted to buy a shirt for me to give take back to his brother Alex in El Paso, but I had to explain to him I couldn’t carry gifts. So here you go Alex Trachter, a picture of a shirt I wish I could bring you but couldn’t!

Sergio’s team lost 2-1. So people were sad.

Since we were on the losing side we had to wait until the other fans of the other team cleared out of the stadium and streets to avoid a conflict, which took 30 to 40 minutes of waiting.

I see why Argentineans are so passionate about their soccer team now, it’s totally because if their team wins, they get to leave the stadium and go home first!

After the game we headed back home.

As I was eating my food, I realized I have acquired yet another addiction in Argentina.

This wonderful bag of drinkable yogurt. Cheap, filling and nutritious! Just like my canned beans I love so very much.

And this Arroz con leche aka, Rice with milk, it’s an also Mexican dessert I was fed all my life by grandmother, and eating it down here in this nice disposable container has given me a taste of home.

Also, you know that you’re bored and spent too much time in one place when you start drawing funny looking things to keep yourself entertained.

This was my attempt at an air conditioner Robot and his little air conditioning child attempting to take over the world with their air condition weapons. 

This all started with me drawing a small box for no reason, I have issues I know.

Tomorrow I hope to go to another soccer game the Boca-River rivalry game; apparently it makes the Yankees and Red Sox rivalry look gentle, it’s on pair with a game like Real Madrid and Barcelona. We shall see!


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