Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Motorcycle Adventure is Officially Over! But the Hitchiking Backpacker Adventure has officially begun! Foz de Iguacu - Brazilian side.

So today Chris and I officially departed ways.

I gave my bike its first and last huge.

I've loved it, I've hated it, I've driven it crazily, it's driven me crazy but this machine and I made it through some of the toughest parts of the world together. An experience I'll never forget for the rest of my life!

It was a total and complete blast to hang out with Chris. I even got some spiritual enlightenment from him and some fun facts about various random and funny stuff like the philosophy of Buddhism and its intricate workings.

Definitely a positive and growing experience to say the least. I was also very happy I could share a bit of the journey with Chris, great scenery, interesting food, philosophy etc.

So today the Motorcycle Adventure is officially over! But the backpacker hitchhiking adventure has begun!

The bike has been sold, the title and documentation signed over, money transferred, and words of wisdom exchanged a firm hand shake and the end to a small motorcycle diary moment.

Chris and I traveled a total of 1000 miles together in 5 days. It was uncomfortable, cold, rainy, amazing, interesting and much more, and experience that I will never forget and am grateful to have had.

Thanks Chris for letting my take the bike to its final destination of Iguaçu Brazil! And I wish you luck and prosperity on your own journey that has now begun. The torch has been passed and I wish you the best. 

Take care!

So upon our good bye, I headed on foot to Brazil.

Carrying this 50lbs + backpack is really going to suck; me and my back can already feel it!

I stamped myself out of Paraguay and walked across into Brazil to stamp myself in.

I was lucky enough to get the guy who’s first day on the job was less than an hour ago. So after many failed and wrong ink stampings and misinformation typed into the computer I was off.

I realized that this would in fact be my first real challenge with language on this trip. Portuguese I do not know, I’m hoping the Spanish and some quick learning will pull me through.

So after many bus transfers and lots of walking trying to find a bank willing to let me withdraw more than $20 dollars worth of Reals (Brazilian currency) I made it to Iguazu falls on the Brazil side.

It was pretty awesome

The different perspective of the falls was definitely worth another $25 dollars to see just like the Argentinean side cost.

More awesome sights.

The thing about the Brazil side is that it’ll take you less than an hour or two to see and finish without any of the extra priced elaborate and useless excursions like rafting and such. So it was much quicker than the Argentinean side

So I’m sure everyone would like to know, especially the fellow travelers, which side was better.

Not really pointing to anything

I can tell you from my point of view, and that of a photographer’s point of view, that they are both worth visiting. Argentinean side has more things to see and do and takes a whole day to see.

If you want it short and sweet do the Brazilian side with the unique view of being halfway between the falls and the river not offered by the Argentinean side.

But both were definitely worth visiting in my eyes, if you can only do one, you can’t go wrong with either one, but I would go for the Argentinean side on the bases that there’s more to see, thus more pictures to take.

I eventually got tired of so many pictures and time at the falls so I headed towards the bus terminal to find transportation to Rio de Janiero.

Again not speaking Portuguese makes things very difficult, but fun. It finally feels like if I’m in a foreign country. Although I have technically been in foreign countries all this time, the being able to speak Spanish fluently thing kinda takes that feeling away in a sense.

So at the station I found out the price to Rio and Sao Pablo, both would ultimately cost the same in the end, so I decided to take Sao Pablo to see the city then get another Bus to Rio.

Until then Adios!

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