Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Paraguay - Itaipu Dam- Only flat tire of the entire trip on the last day! Farewell motorcycle, you will be missed!

Today Chris and I visited Itaipu Dam

Poor Chris was deathly sick, but his shirt says it all

It’s located just a few kilometers north of Cuidad de Este in Paraguay.

Its a hydroelectric plant that produces the most electricity in the world.

People here are very proud about it and continually say it’s the biggest in the world. But I’m sure you might be familiar with the 3 gorges dam in China. That apparently is bigger but doesn’t produce as much as Itaipu does on a yearly basis.

Regardless it’s still pretty huge.

And impressive

And Dam big.

Bare with me as I get all these Dam references and jokes out of the way.

I think it’ll be the only Dam time I’ll get the opportunity to do it.

It’s the only international dam in the world. It sits between Brazil and Paraguay.

It feeds 89% of the energy Paraguay needs as a country.

Brazil eats up 90% of the power it produces and Paraguay only 10%.

On the tour some guy decides to light up a doobie(aka weed).

Of all the places to get high this guy does it while checking out the plant, that was Dam rude of him.

Life is full of Dam wonderful and Dam crazy people. But it makes it Dam interesting don’t it?

The rest of the day Chris and I spend talking preparing our farewells for tomorrow.

We went over some finally pointers, advice and final documentation.

We also spent the day trying to fix a flat tire.

This entire trip I haven’t had a flat tire. That’s 6 months of never dealing with it. And ironically the last day the bike is mine, it gets one. That’s pretty hilarious aint it!?

So that is it, tomorrow the bike is handed over to Chris to drive up to Ecuador and possibly Canada.

It has been an amazing ride to say the least, but the adventure is not over yet.

I sold my small camera and my glorious invention of my monopod to Chris. This beautiful stick has allowed me to capture amazing shots and moments like Volcano Sandboarding in Nicaragua, scuba diving underwater cave systems in Mexico, exploring the Inca trail and Machu Pichu, Belize Cave tubing river passage ways through mountains, and many more amazing experiences that were well captured and recorded because of my only friend I've had this whole trip, my tripod.

I am switching my two wheels for my own two feet.

Thanks bike!

I must say I will miss the bike, but know it has another amazing adventure ahead of it.

The last picture of the bike in Paraguay
Thanks moto!

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