Monday, July 11, 2011

Captain Jack Portobello Panama Backpacker Hostel/Bar Experience Fiasco.

Alright so I’ve just about had it with this Captain Jack backpacker boat controversy thing.

To sum things up here’s what happened.

I went to Portobello Panama to catch a boat with my motorcycle to Colombia. I stayed at Captain Jacks Hostel in Portobello for one evening.

During my time there I wrote about what I observed and experienced about Captain Jack himself when he was at the hostel/bar and other captain and backpackers around one specific night.

Just like everything I’ve written on this blog, it is the truth, nothing more, nothing less.

A few months later I was contacted by Captain Jack who had been lead to my blog by family members who read about my experience there. He was very distraught about what I wrote saying I was insinuating certain things about him and about how it was hurtful to his family and business.

Trying to be diplomatic I wrote him back explaining things to him a little better about what I wrote on my blog which you can read in the comments below the original post here. And I added a disclaimer to the blog entry.

I never heard back from Captain Jack after that, but my email box has been full every since with people, perhaps family members or backpackers, I don’t know, wanting to know more about my experience there and what happened.

So like I said I’m sick and tired of people bothering me with this issue, So I’m going to clarify things for everyone in hopes of leaving this issue at rest, as I’m sure we all have better things to do, and I will spend no more time on this.

So here we go!

Yes I met Captain Jack personally at the hostel Captain Jacks in Portobello

Yes he smelled of alcohol when I met him at his hostel early in the evening

Yes I enjoyed my stay at the hostel; it was superb and well priced with good facilities, the staff was great as well

Yes I heard stories from captains of previous voyages, some bad, and some good.

Yes Captain Jack was drunk in my opinion later that evening, to which he was yelling in a very loud voice to everyone that I could hear when I went down the street to the grocery store.

Yes I heard and saw him end a business partnership of some sort with gentlemen that evening in a loud and angry manner, in my opinion because of being intoxicated.

Yes I saw him with a young lady, which I was told was his girlfriend who in my opinion was also intoxicated, to which I saw next to him in the morning sleeping beside him on the floor passed out from the long night before.

I’m I insinuating that captain Jack gets drunk while he’s out working the ocean with backpackers? Absolutely not, I never implied or insinuated such a thing.

Is this a daily activity of his? I don’t know, I was only there for one night and I don’t personally know the guy

Are you saying Captain Jack is a bad captain? No, I never said such a thing, I’m sure he’s a captain that knows what he’s doing otherwise he wouldn’t be sailing for a living. I merely recollected my experience of that one night at the bar, what I saw and what I heard to the best of my ability.

Are these things you wrote just saying things to keep your blog entertaining for your audience? This adventure in itself is entertaining; believe me when I can safely say that I don’t need to add anything that’s not true to my blog to make it interesting. Life is interesting and so is this adventure without having to lie about it. There are plenty of things I put up on the blog that are not interesting as well.

Do I have anything personally against Captain Jack? No I do not; I just recollected what happen that evening. I am not implying anything. This entry was just a recollection of what I saw and hear that evening, nothing more.

If the truth I wrote somehow how caused an embarrassment to Captain Jack, which is the reason I believe I was contacted by him, I will not say I’m sorry for writing my recollection. That’s a matter that needs to be addressed personally, and not dealt with by me and blaming my blog.

If the blog entry is hurtful to the family and/ or if the family of Captain Jack is asking questions about their own family remembers to a random guy on am motorcycle that met him mat a bar/hostel, then I believe there may be other issues at hand that may need to be addressed with the family and their members, and not the guy who wrote about him in his silly little blog.

If you saw this post as an insult or insinuations of some sort. Please know I insinuated nothing or drew no conclusions what so ever on anyone or anything.

If this is hurtful to the business, I remind everyone to take this INTERNET blog and what is written at your own discretion. I will not be held responsible for the people’s interpretations or conclusions of what I write.

I will not take down the posting and my blog entry of my experience at Captain Jacks. I write what I see, and if it’s not to your liking then disregard it and don’t read.

I will not back down in what I believe in, the truth and responsibility.

Again I am amazed at the power of the internet at all it can bring to the world.

So there you have it general public. That’s what I saw, that’s what I experienced, that’s the way it is, now let’s focus on more important things like helping the Children of the Los Ojos de Dios Foundation to which is journey is helping. Thank you for your time.