Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Motorcycle Diaries - Most Popular Posts

Greetings Community!

First off I wanted to thank everyone so far for the great and amazing support on this journey, I've achieved more, received more generosity, and have had more of an experience than I ever could have imagined.

I wanted to thank everyone who have been a part of this journey since the beginning. I'm incredibly happy to see so many people following this adventure. Recently a total of 20,000 people have visited this blog and it only continues to grow. So thanks to everyone for adding to that growing number and support.

I want to welcome the new visitors to the blog, I hope you enjoy. I invite you to learn why I'm driving half way around the world by clicking here- About this Adventure

Be sure to learn more about the amazing Foundation Los Ojos de Dios, to which this journey is helping promote and raise money for.

I also wanted to thank my sponsors for all their help. Make sure to see who they are- Click Here for Official Sponsors

A special thanks to my family for the encouragement, and putting up with me and my adventurous nature and personality and this epic journey. I know it must be difficult knowing your child is out there in the middle of the world surviving, meeting the world, opening their eyes to everything, and doing some pretty crazy things. In return its equally as challenging dealing with having your parents telling you every day to come back home already and not to do risky adventurous things. Regardless, love to the family.

So I am currently in Manaus brazil

Right in the heart of the Amazon. I'll be heading into the jungle for some days, followed by a long boat ride to Colombia. So I will be out of contact for quite some time.

So I wanted to leave a post with the most popular posts to keep everyone busy and happy until I get back to civilization.

I hope people will reminice in some of the best views and times of the journey, enjoy videos, catch up if you missed anything. As well I hope you enjoy all the suffering, funny and random moments and anything else you'd like.

Remember that all the videos are up on my YouTube Channel

The Route thus far click here

So here go some of my favorite posts for all to enjoy during this time.

Cancun and Cenote Scuba Diving

Uyuni Salar-Largest Salt Flat in the world! Best adventure of the trip so far! Navigating the world with no GPS equals craziness! Facinating Pictures!

Don’t tell my mom the motorcycle blew up in the middle of Patagonia and now I"m stranded with no food....

Day 72- Climbing the World's tallest active Volcano 19,346 ft - Cotopaxi Ecuador, Propane Powered SUV, Super Dog, Chacon the Quilotoa Crater Mechanic!

Alex crashes on his motorcycle, Ridiculous River Crossings in Bolivia, Worst day of this entire Trip! The most horrible roads in the world-Southern Bolivia!

Most Popular Posts by number of views

1. Portobello, San Blas Island Paradise, Crossing from Panama to Colombia by boat-

2. Colombia to Ecuador - Crossing the Equator, Quito Presidential Palace, seeing friends from Honduras in Ecuador! Eating Guinea Pig? Alpaca hoodie, Quilotoa Crater lake, Best rode in Ecuador! Police with KLR's?

3.  Bogotá Colombia- Bull fighting, flea market, Gay gym, $1 juice

4. Managua Nicaragua-Front page of National Nicaragua Newspaper-Masaya Volcano-Wedding of the Century!

5. Volcano Boarding, Leon Nicaragua

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Hope everyone enjoys, until my return, chau!


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