Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mazatlan MX- Deep Sea Fishing, Dolphins, Tuna, Marlin, 250lb fish!

Day 4-

As the alarm went off at 5am, I struggled dragging myself out of bed, but had the feeling it was going to be a good day.

Half asleep for the sunrise

By 6 am we were at the dock, and by 8am, we were out on the ocean, Deep Sea Fishing!

Captain Chacon reporting for duty!

The first hour or two were uneventful and David and I were doubtful of catching anything that day.

I even took a nice nap. In the most comfortable of places in the most comfortable position

Apparently our captain had some secure and hidden buoys and markers he set up a few days ago that he said were his special spot and had lots of fish.

And man was he right!

Within the first hour we had caught over 4 giant Dorado’s weighing 25-35 lbs each!

David then hooked what looks like a Marlin but is actually a Pes Belo. Which was huge!

And also with the catch came his little buddy that was hitching a ride with him

After catching some giant tuna, we saw the largest dolphin pod I’ve ever seen.

Must have been over 300 dolphin jumping, swimming, flipping and following the boat.

so close you could touch them!

This along with watching baby sea turtles hatch and waddle out into the ocean have been the best nature experiences of my life.

Finally after many hours of searching and some luck we got the big one.

A Marlin!

It took 1 and a half hours of fighting the 250 lb fish to finally tire it out and get it onboard.

It was a joined effort from the entire boat to get it, but for David it was worth the effort.

We caught over 500lbs of fish!

It was a great day of fishing, to which some of the catch went to the local poor children for food. So it benefited everyone.

Took some filetes for dinner

Contact information for the captain

Javier Encisa Ulloa
669-162-0422 y 669-150-3610

Day 5 – Mazatlan to San Blas

Another hot and humid day it was, it wasn’t even worth taking a shower as within seconds outside the perspiration begins.

On the way out we took a picture with our favorite Senor Frog.

And saw the last of the typical Mazatlan taxis

We also passed the bridge to nowhere which was very confusing!

Sorry Tequila Mexico, we'll visit you next time

Took lots of water breaks at the Pemex gas station around the area

David being cool

After a long hot day we made it to San Blas to have some coconuts

And witnessed a great sunset, along with a nice dip in the warm bath water temperature ocean.

The adventure continues tomorrow, see you then!


  1. I love that picture of the dolphins with the light sparkling off the water! :D Lol, I saved it to my computer :)


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