Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Los Mochis, Tropic of Cancer, Crazy Canadian, Mazatlan Mexico and Margaritas!

Day 2 - San Carlos to Los Mochis MX

Today we woke up sweating in San Carlos, the entire way down through Mexico in September has been a scorcher and feels like walking into a sauna, even with the wind on the bike. Imagine that for 10 hours a day…not fun.

So hot in fact that David was on the brink of dehydration and muscle cramps and I had finished over 8 Liters of water in a matter of hours throughout the day.

Taking various pit stops got us to Los Mochis after many hot and long hours of driving in extreme humidity.

We stopped by to say hi to my aunt Beatriz, who lives in Los Mochis.

We had a great dinner by the ocean.

I've been crazing octopus for the past few years, so I had to get some!

Saw a great sunset

And even had some super safe and secure parking right inside her house.

It was a pain in the @$$ to get in and out, but nice either way.

It was great to see a familiar face and receive such hospitality, something David was impressed with.

We, the Mexican people, can be wonderful people, especially in a family way.


Day 3- Los Mochis to Mazatlan!

Today we said farewell to my aunt. And got a neat picture with David’s helmet.

After waving good bye to my aunt, and getting some Mangos from her for the road, we were off to Mazatlan.

Again, hot, humid, muggy and sweating profusely we continued onward. But had some picture fun while we were burning up some brain cells from the heat.

We hit the Tropic of Cancer on the way. This would be our only opportunity to do so, so we made sure to take some nice pictures.

Also met a crazy Canadian who left Canada just 4 days ago! and was now in this part of Mexico, that's around 1000Km a day of driving!

At the age of 17 I was fortunate to do that for 14 days straight around the USA, from Texas to Nova Scotia Canada and back, and can say it's fun for the first day, then it just become a pain in the butt....literaly!

After many long sweaty hours, we made it to Mazatlan.

I was brought her by my parents when I was a small child. All I can remember is a floating bar at a hotel pool and picture of my dad and me (age 3) holding margaritas.

The beach was nice.

And saw the cool taxi's that are around here.

We found a place to stay with overnight security, as things in Mazatlan are not the best at the moment, just as Acapulco and northern Mexico.

But I will say that again, our time through central and western Mexico is not as scary as the media portrays it to be. Stay on the toll roads, don’t drive at night, and don’t do anything stupid and illegal and you’ll be fine. Don’t be deterred by what you see the controlling media spoon feeding the world deter you from enjoying the beauty and people that makes Mexico incredible.

So it was getting late and David came up with the great idea of going Deep Sea Fishing the following day, of course it’s near the Baja and that’s world famous Marlin fishing territory.

So to make a long story short, we head off to the docks, asked the locals and found a fisherman willing to take us out the following morning. After seeing his day’s catch we knew he was our man.

Tomorrow we go deep sea fishing in hopes of catching the most prized of all catches, a Blue Marlin!

Wish us luck!


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