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Modern Motorcycle Diaries 2, Another Epic Journey into Latin America! - Day 1 TX to AZ USA

Again, welcome to the epic, crazy, fun and entertaining adventures of Alex and his Modern Motorcycle Diaries.

So to sum things up for everyone old and new followers here goes. I embarked on a motorcycle journey to the tip of South America last year, November 2011-July 2012, raising awareness and money for and orphanage in Cd. Juarez Mexico.

I saw some of the most amazing things in the world and some of the saddest things in the world. I learned, I appreciated, I discovered and I got to know the world in a deep profound way.

Upon my arrival I still felt incomplete and something missing. I couldn’t quite figure it out.

After many TV and newspaper interviews and being famous for a bit, I receive a phone call from a gentlemen names David from Phoenix Arizona.

To make a long story short, destiny perhaps fate called to me, David and I talked for hours and came to an agreement and arrangement in departing to South America once again.

So here I am, again I am going on an Epic once in a lifetime….well…. twice in a lifetime journey into the unknown, the mysterious the dangerous, and the fantastic. A second motorcycle diaries into Latin America, this time, sharing the experience with another.

New stories, new route, new adventure and the second time around will be even bigger and better!

I will still be promoting Los Ojos de Dios as the official charity of this journey to continue raising funds and awareness for such worthy children.

Latin America- Here I Come!!!..... again!!!


Day 1- miles 320

Today I depart from El Paso Texas to Phoenix Arizona to meet David and help build his bike for our journey together into the Americas.

I said my farewells to the family....again

On the way I stopped by my favorite yellow sign and rest stop of….THE THING

Nothing like some good southwest USA stuff to start off the trip.

Along with it was an old school vehicle.

And of course some Beef Jerky!

Killed some huge dragon flies on the way, not only with my headlight but with my face shield as well.

And oddly enough my journey begins at 7777.7 miles giong 77 M.P.H. Fun stuff!

And got a great desert sunset along the way

Meeting David I knew it was going to be great, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner, we shared stories, phipsophy and know were compatible the moment we met.

David just recently summated Mr. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. At that moment I knew it takes a crazy to know a crazy.

Through the weeks we spoke and got ready we had ordered all his accessories for the bike and trip, it was just a matter of putting it all together.

I had built my own bike back home for Alaska, but again fate or destiny provided this opportunity I enacted to take.

So we spent the next few days building his bike. I had given him suggestions to things he might want to do. So we basically built a replica of my own bike.

Catching David off guard with a picture

David  trying out his new home for the next 6 months

I must say that my bike has a twin now, and it’s quite cute looking.

We had a final farewell dinner with David’s son Colton and his Father at a local Chinese place. Probably the best Chinese I’ve had since I was in Taiwan.

Davids Son and Father

Colton (davids son) having fun with the food

We said our farewell, packed out gear and out we went.

Mexico, here we come!

We took a quick 3 hour ride to Nogales Arizona right next to the mexico border, and got a nice place to stay for the night.

David is awesome and got us a nice hotel room

No more Walmart parking lots for me!

Tomorrow, Mexico! Adios!

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