Friday, October 7, 2011

Petrified Water Falls – Hierve el Agua – Oaxacan Hospitality!

The following morning, Samantha’s room mates were so nice; they made us a typical Oaxacan breakfast.

It was amazing!

Had a quick workout at the coolest gym ever! with the newest technologically advanced equiptment on the market!

Disclaimer- the last sentence was a joke, this equipment was actaully falling apart

We then headed out to see only one of two petrified water falls in the world. The other is located in Turkey; the one near Oaxaca is called Hierve el Agua.

Before heading out David and I locked outselves out of the place and had to sneak back in by climbing the rood back inside. 

Samantha was nice enough to take us there and be our guide.

And David got a chance to wear the coolest helmet ever!

After some crazy mountain driving and my rear brakes blowing out on the way down, which was pretty scary with a passenger, we arrived on pins and needles.

Seems I’ll need some more brake fluid which we’ll get if we can find some. If not I hear goat urine will do just as good as we saw lots of them roaming around… (Disclaimer the previous sentence is joke, goat urine is not a good substitute for brake fluid)

The petrified waterfalls are formed by thousands of years of Calcium carbonate depositing on itself, it was amazing to say the least!

The colors and formations were awesome

Found some caves

Got some great pictures.

Including Samantha and I on top

This is definitely on the top 8 unique natural wonders I’ve ever seen in my life.

I’ll just put up pictures and this video and let you enjoy.

On the way out we saw some mezcal plants being delivered, this is the meca of the alocholic Mezcal drink, just like tequilla.

Ice Cream Brake

Cool mexican art

After enjoying an amazing day we headed back to Samantha’s place where again the roommates had coffee 
ready for us. They were truly very kind and generous; something David is continually amazing with the people of Mexico.

Again I reminded him of the beauty Mexico holds best is that of its/my people.

Until next post. Hasta la Vista!

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