Monday, October 10, 2011

Oaxaca to Palenque Samantha joins the Adventure.

The following day we departed Oaxaca to head down the coast with direction to Palenque in the state of Chiapas.

Because Samantha was raised in Oaxaca and is familiar with the area, David and I decided to invite her to join our journey and adventure.

We stopped by Davids newly found best taco stand.

On our way out we visited what I was told is the world’s widest tree.

Saw some cool stuff from Oaxaca

It was also pretty huge and wide

Nice scenery

As the day progressed we finally hit some serious rain

So the rain gear went on.

David and I agreed we had a figherfigher aboard with Samantha's nicely colored suit

Oddly enough, if we had not stopped at the tree or put on rain gear we could have been involved in a terrible accident we passed down the mountain, again the notions of things happen for a reason and such crossed 
David’s and my own mind, thinking what if’s scenarios.

But, asi es la Vida, that is the way life is. Onward we went.

After a long day full of curves, accidents and rain, we found a deserted little beach town called playa Cangerjo.

We had a great meal of fish and salad.

The fish was good, but not as good as the fresh tuna and Dorado David and I caught last week which was on the grill within hours of being caught. Click here to read about Deep Sea Fishing Adventure

Nice sunset

We called it a night.


The following day we woke up to the sunrise

And had some awesome coffee service right on the beach! Viva Mexico!

The lady was nice too

Saw some fish the locals were catching that morning

The fisherman were so happy David bothered them for a picture, they even smiled for the pictures

Our sleeping and parking quarters

We also had some fun with a piece of tree that had stuck itself on the beach, which made a good platform for some acrobatics.

And a challenging balancing act.

I then decided to step it up a notch and try a back flip off it.

After letting David’s remark of “let me get ready with the camera in case you don’t make it”, I went for it and made it!

Fear nothing but fear it!

As we roamed back to the room, we packed our stuff only to find out we had a flat tire.

David using the mosquitoe infested lagoon to look for the puncture

So to make a long story short, the pump broke, the replacement tubes were faulty, the brakes were put on the wrong way, it wouldn’t align correctly, etc. Just problem after problem.

the cause of the issue

My mexico sticker on the side case

Clean hands

By the end of it, I had to take the tire to a local guy “taller” in Spanish that was 10 miles back in town then drive back to put it on.

By the time we were finished it was already 2 pm, regardless we set forward, ate at the worst taco stand of our lives with the, I don’t like you so I’ll throw the plate to you lady that didn’t speak a word to us the entire time we were there. Sp we paid out over priced meal and we headed off to Palenque.

Passed by some awesome wind turbine generators

Got a few pictures and continued onward.

Scenery was nice with lots of dangerous curves

And David being very responsible

We got as far as Ocosingo, which was only 122 miles from where we left off, so it was a slow day of travel thanks to the flat tire.

We had some dinner

Had a cool parking space again, and called it a night.

Until tomorrow, Hasta Pronto!

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