Thursday, October 13, 2011

Topes, Casacadas Azul, Tonina and more Topes! Mexico

Today we headed to Palenque.

After our now morning ritual of coffee, thanks to David’s healthy obsession of it and willingness to find it every day anywhere we go, off we went.

We also had another Tlacluya, which is a typical Oaxacan food, which is like a giant grilled taco.

We saw some Russians on the way out o KLR’s they rented from Cancun.

At first they ignored me and said they didn’t speak Spanish. So I spoke in English, and they just said hi and left me to be.

As soon as Samantha showed up, aka an attractive female, they all came out to greet her and talk with her 
thinking she was driving another motorcycle. By the end of it they were cool and we took a picture.

So learned lesson of the day, being female is a big advantage in this male dominated world.

Again long day of jungle driving.

We also counted over 300 speed bumps aka _topes we had to cross. Again I repeat we crossed 300 speed 
bumps! I would like to have a bumper sticker that says “Tacos, Mariachi’s, and Topes (Speed Bumps- Viva 
Mexico!”. My rear suspension didn’t like me today.

We found a place to eat and sleep and called it a day.

Again a fun and interesting parking space.

We headed out 15 km from Ocosingo to some not so visited ruins call Tonina.

These ruins, I was told, are higher in height than those of Machu Pichu, whatever that means. But it was 
enough to convince us to go see it.

As we got closer, we thought we had to turn around as the road was washed out.

But we took a nice swim with the bikes, got our boots wet and made it.

Great view

Definitely worth a visit, it was very unique.

Next after many more topes “speed bumps”, and 3 hours of our spines yelling at us to stop with the topes, we 
visited a really cool waterfall.

Although I’ve seen the largest waterfalls in the world, I will say this one was quite impressive in a quality kind 
of way.

More topes and hours later we reached Palenque.

We found some fellow bikers 

With some nice photo equipment rigging

Until next time, our beaten and battered spines wish you a quiet and comfortable day.

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