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Palenque Ruins-Chiapas MX, Going Vegetarian

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Day 20 – Palenque

Today we set off from our nice little cozy hotel with a rickety and loud wash room next to our room to 

Palenque, some ruins located in the jungle.

As was like my last visit, we were greeted by vast quantities of people trying to get some business out of us 
by either watching our bikes or offering to be our tour guide.

Funny how prices for tour guides start at $60 US outside the park, then start going down as you get closer showing less and less interest, then once inside becomes as low as $5 dollars.

Finally we were in and saw the ruins

Again it was nice

This time around I didn’t have to deal with a bus load of 500 Japanese tourists like last time, so it was 
relatively relaxing.

We were also sporting some aweseom t shirts Samantha had made, awesome!

 All the crap...I mean souveniers we didn´t get

Back at the hotel there was this picture on the wall that we also saw in another hotel in Ocosingo, so I 
enacted to take the task of recreating such a picture for entertainment purposes.

Think we got pretty close right?

 Just missing the freaky skirt and long crazy hair

We enjoyed our night in Palenque with a stop at the “La flor de la Michoacana”, for some ice pops, the whole trip I’ve been looking for one of my favorite flavor, “arroz con leche” rice with milk, a typical Mexican desert 

I grew up with thanks to my grandmother that I now love.

Had some vegetarian quesadillas

It rained the entire evening and we returned to the hotel soaked running through the rain, as I say “Another 
day, another adventure” and another crazy hotel room with 4 beds


Day 21 – Yucatan here we come!

Today we set off to the Yucatan from Palenque

We made it all the way to Champoton, just outside of Campeche after long hours of curvy roads, loads of 
“topes”/ speed bumps coming from Palenque.


Saw a local mechanic that helped re-wire some wires on David’s bike that was having issues using the electric starter.

Dr. Chacon taking a bee stinger out of Davids leg that committed unassisted suicide as he drove into it

And Chacon the mechanic working on the bike

Coat racks not being used to their exact purpose

Enjoyed a nice beans and rice dinner. With a side of sunset

So Samantha is a vegetarian and since she joined us, I enacted to experience the life of a vegetarian for a bit, 
and I must say living in Mexico and on the road, being vegetarian is ridiculously hard. Taco stands everywhere, and most people look at you funny when you ask if they have a vegetarian plate.

Funniest moment was when we asked the cook not to fry the egg, just cook it without frying it, to which we 
ever given a very confused face of “what the heck are you talking about not to fry the egg”. As if she’s never 
heard of such a ridiculous thing.

Regardless the task is quite difficult, we’ll see how long we can keep it up!

Samantha has now become our official hotel price negotiator, as somehow she’s been getting better rates than 

David or I ever could. So we sent in the pretty girl to get us a nice cheap room for the night. Samantha has 
also become our food, tour excursion and public relations manager, which I must say is working out quite 
well. Thanks Samantha!

Tomorrow is another day!

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