Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chichen Itza Adventure, Cenote Samula+Dizinup trek, Best Mayan ruins of Uxmal!

Day 22 – The Mayan world

Today I was captain tour guide and took David and Samantha to see my favorite Mayan ruin of Uxmal.

 Samantha taking a good picture of us

Using my awesome patented monopod Gopro invention....(patent pending)

I´m currently working on a massive world wide project with this invention of mine, stay tunned for the video in a few weeks.

I like Uxmal because it’s not as crowed as Chichen-itza and you have a lot more freedom.

 Working my photography skills - I´m available for hire!

Like having the ability to through a rock at the mayan hoop to prove its made out of wood by the hollow echo it makes upon impact.

 More cool shots

Again...available for hire, just take me there and I´ll take the pictures

We met a nice America couple living in Merida that took some great pictures of us…luck too, as he was a professional photographer, now we just need to find more of those throughout the journey and we’ll be good!

We finished our tour and headed to Merida where we found a nice place to stay.

Day 23 – Merida to Chichen Itza

We awoke in our “historical” hotel/home that apparently one of the mayors from many years ago used to own and was now a hotel run by a nice family.

The tile even looked historical.

We arrived at the over populated a chaotic ruins of Chichen Itza, where all the vendors yell at you “almost free!” every 3 feet to try and sell you some souvenir.

 Conquering Chichen itza!

You know you want to hire me, I can feel it

Or just hire David too, he takes great pictures too

Again, ruins were nice.

We followed some tour groups blending in to get some information about the place…for free. Sometime in English, Spanish and even Italian.

Afterward we headed off to some centotes I wanted to visit from my last journey I couldn’t find.

And yes ,Captain navigator found them.

This is cenote Dizniup, where we were greeted by over 20 children offering to watch our vehicles as they were touching and grabbing our bikes.

It was more like how much do you want us to give you so you don’t steal any of our stuff.

The centote was awesome to say the least.

Samantha making the cenote look good

Sat through a nice rain storm too

We then found shelter in Valladolid and called it a night, but of course not before some people decided to 
shoot off massive fireworks in the plaza area that showered me with hot burning ashes. Thanks Valladolid!


Day 24.

The following morning we stopped by the most remote Subway we’ve seen yet, right hidden in the middle of Valladolid.

Then headed to Cenote Samula, that’s right across the street from centote Dzipnup

Again these cenotes are amazing

 Yes these are the roots of a tree extending all the way down

And this is David taking a cool dive

Again David

As we roamed around inside, Samantha noticed the little kid that was supposedly watching our bikes for some money inside giving a tour to a couple. 

So I called him out in front of everyone for lying to us, which I’m sure embarrassed him. Like I said to David, to stay safe on this trip, you can't trust anyone.

Luckily nothing happened to the bikes upon our frantic return to them.

Onward we went to Cancun!

Not before some cool picture taking driving with one hand though.

I set up a Cenote scuba cave dive with my favorite shop and camera guy, I went with last time, and we got to 
our hotel, the Hyatt.

Where I must say is the best deal in Cancun for hotels.

Until next time, chau!

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