Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chac-mool Cave Diving Cenote, Cancun Party crashing!

Day 25 Cancun

We enjoyed our first day in Cancun by hanging around the local grocery store eating tacos and looking for a 
swim suit for me.

David and Samantha did some paragliding

 Some tennis

Samantha visited some friends

And I did some parking

Which one of these is not like the other?

Our hotel was pretty nice as well

Gret picture by Samantha, our official photgrapher


Day 26 Cenote Cave diving

The following morning we bought some groceries 

and set off for the chac-mol cenote for some cave diving, I had visited this one last year but was worth the second visit with David.

We went with Scuba Cancun – 849-4736
David, me and Javier the photographer

David looking cool
Mark from Liverpool

Again it was awesome.

Scuba Alex reporting for adventure cave diving duty!

If you pass this, you die! I´ll smile before I die thank you

The photographers Javier was really cool and got some great pictures for us. Highly recommend him for our 
scuba diving pictures and experience. By far the best underwater camera guy I´ve seen, A plus!

I had met him last year and he remembered me, the crazy guy on the motorcycle, who could forget right? He 
had been trying to publish a book and it was now a reality. Be sure to check him out  tell – 9981090999

David was pretty happy with the cenote experience, saying it’s indescribable until you do it. Which I must agree.

We even found the official Cheetoh cenote eating dog that chews his food.

We then drove back to Cancun to pick up the pictures and drop off the gift of beer to our favorite 

 Here some of his work for his book

He´s promoting the beauty and conservation of the ocean with this project

As David said, Beer, bike and babe, what else do you need right?

David and I have now started a ¨how many pasteries can we eat in one night¨ ritual

That night we noticed a pretty cool party going on at the hotel next to us. It was so good in fact we decided to go.

Little to our knowledge it was an all-inclusive hotel with list of hotel guests and such to get in where they check you and such. Needless to say, we were not guests but that didn’t stop David and I was we were set on reaching that buffet line.

Reaching the hotel we were asked what room we were in, lucky for me everyone there was America/Gringo so David and his yellow shirt and red shoes blended in nicely, not like last time where we were thrown into a clown show because of them.

As David told the guy we were in room 1219….I looked up at the hotel and noticed that there weren’t even 12 floors to the place. Granted, David did not lie, he told them the actual room number he was staying in, we just happened to be at another hotel.

Somehow David looked convincing enough to let him through.

So we got in! But as we continued on we were paranoid and a random splash by a jumping dolphin in a pool 
on the walkway freaked us out, but we continued our party crashing.

Making it to the buffet line we heard everyone talking English, and knew we were good, we were laughing 
and grabbing all the food we could possible shove into our mouths, talking with the other guests and having a great time

 We figured if we´re going to get caught, we might as go out in style getting as many pictures as we could!

We even enjoyed the show, and took a plate back to the room. 

Another day, another crazy adventure.

Until the next party we crash, adios!


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