Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Pacific Ocean beat me up and took my camera! Punta Roca-A surfer’s paradise. El Salvador Border Crossing with motorcycle

The following morning we headed to El Salvador.

Again when you arrive at borders looking like tourists on a motorcycle, you get bombarded by hoards of people racing at you to change money with them, propositioning to be your handler (person whom you pay to do your paperwork for you and facilitate your crossing).

After so many border crossings in my life, I find it fun to act and be a different type of person each time I cross; otherwise I think I’d be a bit crazy.

I can be the gentle giant, the pissed off tourist, the tourist who doesn’t speak Spanish, the rough and tuff motorcycle that doesn’t take crap from no one and other interesting characters.

So this time I went with captain cool, chatting it up with the money changers.

By the end of it we were taking slapping high fives and taking pictures with everyone’s cameras and cell phones. This in turn got them a good story and picture and as for me, a great exchange rate on the money saving us lots of money!

Good bye Guate, hello El Salvador!

Border Crossing Procedure from Guatemala to El Salvador at the Las Chinamas crossing-Notice to fellow bikers and vehicle owners: At the crossing at the east of Guatemala and El Salvador, be sure to leave your documents in Guate, visit immigration, then cross the bridge into El Salvador where first you will be prescreened by the customs. You’ll fill out some paperwork, they pre-check the bike and such, and they’ll give you a signed and stamped paper of your pre-check. You then go down a small hill to the immigration office where they’ll scan your passport, login you into the system and you’re good to go. El Salvador doesn’t stamp your passport; it’s all digital getting in and out of the country. Then go to customs next door to import the bike with your pre-check paper you just got along with copies of title, registration, and licenses. They will then process you there with little hassle.

So the El Salvador importation was a breeze, don’t be deterred by the crazy stories you hear about border crossings into El Salvador. Just be a little informed about what needs to be done by reading these posts and you’ll be fine….in most cases.

This is an immensely beautiful country and should not be missed.

Because you{ll miss cool stuff like this.

Riding down a huge hill on a piece of wood and wheels carrying lots of wood with no brakes!

We took “la Ruta de Flores” the route of flowers, said to be a great drive, and it was.

We passed by a crazy named bridge

We arrived in La Libertad, south of San Salvador. 

We knew we hit the cool place when we saw this sign.

Just 7km west of La Libertad lies the coolest surfer town I’ve ever seen located in El Tunco beach. It’s a hidden surfers paradise as the famous Punta Roca with its right break waves make it one of the best surf spots in all of Central America.

David was chatting  it up with the local babes

Saw another fellow biker

Arriving late we got an amazing sunset.

Did some relaxing

David did some boogie boarding

Had some cool hostel parking 

ALong with cool beach parking

The following day we went out to surf.

David and I went on a mission to film our surfing.

I connected my camera to the board, and David had his head strap with his GoPro camera. We thought we were really smart and invincible with the cameras. By the end of the day we were flipped, battered and bruised by the ocean that claimed both our cameras! So now we are without video capturing capabilities, not our finest moment.

We then went to eat our disappointment away at a taco shop.

Turns out the owner of the taco stand has a brother whos a professor at my former University of Texas at EL Paso....small world!

And cried our way to a nice sunset reminiscing on the amazing lost footage of us surfing and catching some sweet waves that is now floating and being dragged along the Pacific Ocean somewhere in the world.

David finished up our visit to El Salvador with his tennis match

And a sunset

Until next time, our broken hearts wish you a good day.



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