Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snowboarding for the first time, New Years party! Back in the USA for the Holidays!

So as I mentioned David and I flew back home for a few weeks for the holidays and to take a quick break.

The flight back for me provided some pretty cool scenery going over the ocean and stuff.

Again I had time to reminisce on my life map of driving.

That's quite a lot area covered is all I could conclude.

Once back home I got a chance to see my friends

And celebrate New Year's!

My favorite cousin Mike at his party that somehow ended up with a broken wall.

And even got a chance to go snowboarding with my friends with a quick road trip to Ruidoso New Mexico

We had some fun at a cabin we rented.

Got this hilarious picture, it got everyone in a funky moment.

None of us had ever snowboarded, so we made it a point to all go snowboarding for the first time together.

Rented our gear. 

I love my friend Greg that to the right, reaction to taking a spantaneous picture

Got up to the mountain

 My friend Andrew and I

Like I said, this was my first time snowboarding, I have sand boarded one time before you can click here to see that post, but I'll say it was very different than that.

I even made a pretty awesome video of all the times I fell and crashed. As you can imagine it was not easy!

Awesome video!

Once back home I enjoyed a beautiful desert sunset with my friends.

And did some jumping on my trampoline. Here's a first person perspective on doing a back flip

I'm back home for another 2 weeks, and headed to Austin Texas to visit with my father for a bit before I depart back to Colombia to meet up with David again to continue on to the tip of South America, almost sounds like a World Record of some kind...mmmm... makes me think...time to research.

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  1. You sure have travelled a lot! it looks like you are having a great time. I liked the back flip on the trampoline video. ;-)


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