Monday, February 27, 2012

Colombia- Underground Salt Cathedral, Draculas Castle, Tallest Palm trees in the World! Welcome to Ecuador!

I'm back baby! My sincerest apologize to all the followers for the huge delay on the next chapter of the Crazy Chacon chronicles! I have been extremely busy hauling ass and covering lots of ground.

So after a quick break at home I got into Bogota Colombia where I went to pick up the bikes after a nice clean up and tune up. Gracias a Camilo for all the help and kindness!

Thanks again to my wonderful sponsor of Kawasaki International. Although they weren't involved in the tune up, I again thank them for all their previous help in the past.

In my time in Bogota I stayed at Fatima Hostel. I've stayed here a grand total of 14 days in total throughout my life, and will say this is the cool place to be and visit in the old historic center of Candelaria. Its a super fun atmosphere with new faces everyday and the constant distinct smell of green burning organic matter fills the air with free spirit and hippies!

Met some fellow bikers Clark and AT there.

Great guys!

Me trying to get my stuff from under a bed that had a couple sleeping in it...needless I failed and woke them up

Spent some time with the llamas in the center square

The square

Random church

We then took a drive to the salt Cathedral in Zapiruia. About 2 hours north of Bogota. On the way we saw what looked like Disney World. More like Epcot center with little Russia, a giant Mosc etc.

Got to the city

Saw the salt mine Cathedral

In my opinion it looked like a mine with lots of fails excavations turned into a religious thing. Still it was extremely unique and awesome

That's the worlds largest Cross I was told

Chacon the miner!

Some cool carvings

More stuff

Surfing the Pick Ax 

We headed out of Bogota to the Coffee reagion and trail close to Salento

We encountered a crazy road block due to a giant boulder in the middle of the road and truck that caught on fire. It was interesting to say the least

Saw some awesome Palm wine!??

THe view in Salento was amazing! Definitly reccomend to anyone

Got a chance to visit the Cocora Valley home of World's tallest palm trees

Headed down after than to Armenia where we got some nice parking next to a bus terminal

Next day had some great Desayuno! Breakfast!

Complimentary with my breakfast was the interesting sight of two creatures in synchronization

Homeless dog meets homeless guy
And some good Lunch

And saw this badass dog riding on the back of a Chiva bus

Before crossing into Ecuador we passed by this amazing place called Las Lajas near Ipiales

Or as I would call it, Draculas Castle

Funny enough it was Ash Wednesday when we arrive, so everyone was walking around with black smudges on their forheads.

We finally crossed into Ecuador with no problem. Customs in Colombia is as easy as handing over your Dian paper, they give you a smile and say thanks for visiting. I love you Colombia!

We then made our way to South America most famous market in Otavalo

Saw some cute babies

Again I say that this market is awesome and has some neat things.

Not so neat is the giant stone dildo some weirdo was selling

In Otavalo my engine was having some problems and left me stranded without warning! So had to find a nice guy to put it in the back of his truck and drive it to Quito

Had to prevent it from falling

So now in Quito and waiting to see what the deal is with the bike. Until next time adios amigos!

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  1. Just started reading your adventures in South America and wanted to thank you for sharing them. I hope to be traveling throughout SA very soon with a 1982 Goldwing 1100 pulling a trailer. Idea is to keep the load off the bike and on the trailer. Do you recommend this setup? Also, did you ship your bike to Bogata from the U.S.?

    Last question... seems your Kawasaki was fixed in Bogata and now it is dead in Quito. Is this a bad bike for travel? Maybe a lemon? Is it your personal motorcycle?

    Thanks for sharing!


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