Sunday, January 20, 2013

Need helping planning your own Adventure?

If you would like to achieve an adventure of a lifetime like the one I experienced but are still doubtful you can accomplish it? Will worry no more, I'm no offering my expertise in this unique and specific area of motorcycle travel in Latin America. Check out to start planning your own Journey South!


  1. Dear Mr. Alex,

    Hi there, I realy enjoyed seeing this that U made, I'm planning on making an Africa touring over 5 years from now, please look me up on facebook under the name Dionisio Docx, On the moment I'm riding on a 2011 KTM RC8 R and studying Computer Science in Luanda (Angola), i will be bying a KTM tour motorcycle soon I would like to get U'r help on preparing this trip, can I count on that ? If U are on Facebook please add me, already thanks.

    Best regards,

    Dionisio Docx

  2. Nice work - Gave your vid some love on my blog.


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