Sunday, May 5, 2013

ExpeditionSouth Goes Viral!

Finally after returning from my trip I finally had a chance to compile all the 600+ hours of video from my trip into one video for all to enjoy. It had 1,500 views in 3 weeks, then one I woke up to 500+ emails from YouTube and over 58,000+ views on Youtube! Its officially gone viral! Its wonderful to see others enjoying this journey as well after all the work, effort and time I put into my life dream. Hopefully this will finally get the exposure I need to possible hosting my own TV motorcycle travel show or movie.

Here's the video

And here's the websites that it's been featured on so far, in one day 50,000 views, imagine what will happen by next week! Thanks to everyone! And if you see this video features anywhere else please email me with the url and where it at so I can put it on this list. Thank you!

National and International Media Coverage !

CBS News

ABC News

Univision America


Peta Pixel

The Awesomer

Live Leak


Shock Mansion

Uhull Brazil

Huffington Post