Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Texas to Mexico and Guatemala....why not!?

Hello everyone! Thanks for sticking around for more of ExpeditionSouth!

As from my last update, my video has almost 1 million hits! The media attention has been incredible to say the least and lots of opportunities have presented themselves which should make for some interesting developments in the next few weeks!

On a new note, I am currently running a quick tour from Texas to Guatemala with fellow riders Cody and Kevin from Texas.

Here's Cody's Spot Tracker so you can see where we are at!

The guys are great, very enthusiastic and well mannered, we all get along great.

We set out from Austin to Reynosa the first night. We ate some dinner and came out to see that our bikes had been stolen in those few minutes we were gone! Before we freaked out someone yelled that a tow truck had taken them. We looked around for signs of towing and nothing was there, these guys just took all three bikes for fun.

So a police call later, and lots of yelling from the people at the tow place we got the bikes back for a mere $75 a piece, I didn't have enough time take them to court so I just went along with the highway robbery.

Next day we got into Mexico, with a few speed bumps at the border and one angry official that gave us 2 hours of headache.

We then continue down the eastern part of Mexico along the coast and down through the mountains. Here's the story in pictures!

We will be hitting Mexico city and Chiapas soon, so stay tunned!