Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1 Million Views!

1 Million Views!

You read right everyone, my video officially went incredibly viral with 1,000,000 views in less than 2 and a half weeks! Thanks to everyone for the incredible support.

My video was featured all around the world, from magazines in Australia, Newspapers in Europe, online in over 50+ countries and even featured on the evening national prime time news in Chile and Argentina. I even got phone calls from people in those countries just wanting to speak with the man who created the amazing video.

The experience has been unreal to say the least, my favorites though have been being featured as the GoPro video of the day, on CBS News, ABC  News and the most popular internet page in all of Brazil the Uhull.

That along with companies sending me gear, helmets, clothes, tools you name it just to try and I imagine they think it will magically somehow make it onto my videos. Sadly this attention comes at the end of my journey, but looking ahead there's so much more due to this instant internet fame! Hundreds of thousands of new facebook friends request, twitter followers, YouTube subscribers an more is a brief view of my success thus far and it only grows extensively each and every day.

This opens up such amazing opportunities coming up soon, Africa is the next project, and with all this support from everyone, I"m confident it will happen.  As well another opportunity to travel to India driving some Royal Enfield through the Himalayas has come up with a big brand name, who may it be you ask, stay tuned for more details on that as well, but its very exciting as you may see my Modern Motorcycle Diaries video and India tour on some national commercials.

It has given me so much joy to read all the crazy YouTube comments on my video, see pictures people have sent me of their own journeys in the past, talk with others, and have many tell me I have inspired them to get out and try the same. The feeling is amazing to say the least.

This only goes to show about my theory that one video can change the world.

I urge everyone to keep sharing the video, tell your friends, and if possible help me out to make Africa a success so that again I may bring you the world, traveling vicariously through the magic of amazing videos, pictures and blogging. Check out the new Africa Tab and info by clicking here

Everyone has said my documentation is unparallel and am  leader in on the cutting edge of motorcycle adventure travel and social media sharing in ways no one has ever documented this Epic Modern Motorcycle diaries ever before!

I leave you with a picture of a fan that emailed me and sent me thsi picture from 1980 of the the same road to Alaska I road that he did so long ago, and I'll share with you the two coolest comments on YouTube  so far :

"Alex, you the coolest land explorer cosmonaut I've ever seen , keep exploring the world for us!"

"Alex, I love you, I love you like a fat kid loves cake"

Jean in 1980

Alex in 2012


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  2. Alex, eu te amo, eu te amo como um garoto gordo ama um bolo!!! Carla Prado (will you marry me?)

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