Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Alex Chacon on GoPro hero3+ Launch Video! India by Royal Enfield

If you've wondered what I have been up to these last 3 months since my last viral video of the Modern Motorcycle Diaries 500 days Alaska to Argentina, here it is! I got the amazing opportunity to work with GoPro shooting an epic motorcycle ride through India, that is featured in their new launch video just released. There will also be a side video of just my journey through the Himalayas being released in the coming weeks as well that's I'll embed as well.

All the motorcycle stuff you'll see in the video is me! and my famous backpack!

You'll also see my face and my famous backpack on the GoPro.com homepage (scroll to the bottom) as well, kind of a awesome to finally see some of my stuff featured with GoPro, a dream come true, little did I think of the amazing place I would be in right now, just 2 years ago when I started on my Modern Motorcycle Diaries driving from Alaska to Argentina. There's lots of more amazing rides scheduled so be sure to stay tuned!

As per my India experience, here goes!

What a crazy and amazing time it was chillin out with the GoPro guys. I admire the work and dedication it takes to pull off such a shooting, so much more than I ever expected. I was great to finally have someone filming me what I do best, riding and exploring, instead of having to film everything with just my one GoPro, and one battery, but somehow my determination still got that video from Latin America over 1.2 million views, so imagine what a full fledged production will do!?

Roads in the Himalayas

My journey through India took me from the hustling city of New Delhi to Jaipur, land of elephants, monkeys, and crazy traffic and driving. As yes we all played some elephant polo!

We then headed north to Manali and the entrance of the majestic Himalayas

We continued north into Leh and Lakhdad where the pictures speak for themselves!

The ride was amazing and gorgeous to say the least, and the experience of the people and places was unforgettable. We passed by military outposts, temples, shrines, monks and not to mentioned the crazy passes in elevation, we were sticking around 15,000 feet. Most of us had headaches from lack of oxygen for a few days until we acclimated. Makes for the crazy driving experience to say the least!

Doing some filming, as you can see by the gopro launch video, there's a scene taken from this

It was inspiring to be in such a beautiful landscape

One of the coolest lakes I've seen yet!

Finally made it to the world's highest motorable and drivable road at over 18,00 ft near Leh India!

The flight back to New Delhi from Leh gave a last spectacular look of the Himalayas

It was an incredible experience to have a dream and idea come true with GoPro. Thanks to everyone involved to make it happen!

In any case a new contest has been created for GoPro where you can enter to film your adventure of a life time. And I'm honored to have started the trend!

I then set off on my own to the Taj Mahal after saying good bye to the GoPro guys, as what would a visit to India be without it and a good o'l Richshaw ride!

After these two weeks I set off on my own adventure through Nepal, renting a $4 a day motorcycle and cruising around a week and a half through some crazy roads.

I took a quick flight from Delhi, where I was surprised to see this at the airport, interesting how so many religions coexist here together in India

I arrived in Kathmandu, the craziest place and city dynamic I've experience thus far. Barely 1 day getting gas and people were already trying to rip me off. lol

Temples everywhere, in the weirdest of places, in alleys, behind houses etc. The food was good

THe roads around these parts of the world are incredible congested and hectic, one bad move and that's it, your dead, the truck driver isn't going to care if he hits you or not! I was hitt, scraped, I did some hitting, with lots of honking all the way. The worst is all the air pollution that your tasting the whole way through this crowed country.

My journey took me on a loop of Nepal to Pokhara, Kathmandu and small rice villages

I also got ridiculously lost through the mountains, taking this street bike through some of the roughest and muddiest roads I've ever seen in my life! Not including endless river crossing up to my waist in depth, as it was the monsoon season!

But the little Baja Pulsar pulled through like a champ on street tires non the less!

After my ridiculous off road adventure I decided to go to Mt Everest, then I figured I didn't was to spend thousands of dollars and weeks reaching base camp, so I flew over it instead.

I then said farewell to Nepal after my 2 weeks there, and this weird doorway was the last picture I took from Kathmandu

I then visited the beach in Goa for the last part of my trip where I was an advocate for the new GoPro App showing the little kids what I was doing.

My time in India and Nepal were amazing and eye opening to say the least.

Being a part of such an awesome and cool thing like GoPro was a dream come true, I hope this will allow me to continue following my dreams and bring more wonderful and amazing opportunities.

Next project is a video of my riding in Nepal, along with going to Slovakia for the International Motorcycle Film Festival, I've been invited as the featured speaker and guest where my Modern Motorcycle Diaries video of Alaska to Argentina in 500 days will be exhibited and shown. What an honor! So let the adventure and awesomeness continue!


  1. Great clicks bro...!
    Come to south soon... :)

  2. Was a good read and I feel that same need to get out on the bike again as i did when watching your Modern Motorcycle Diaries video for the first time.

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  4. Where do you get all the financial support from? Seems like a pretty expensive, yet worthy adventure.
    Always nice reading your blog, and hopefully more youtube videos will come soon!

  5. Brilliant trip mate would love to do this ? It is on my must do before I die lol ? What sort of licence do you need to drive bike in India ? Thanks keith

  6. wow!! soo adventurous. Wish I could explore all these places as well
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